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Dine out. Check in. Share.

Enjoy meals at your favorite restaurants and we’ll share one with a family in need.

Phfeast is currently on hiatus. We look forward to re-launching with an updated offering. Thank you to all who have supported the Phfeast mission.


Check-in at participating restaurants to score points that earn free meals for those in need.


We match restaurants with families using local food pantries, so the free meals you generate stay in your community.


Families receiving Phfeast certificates dine "on the house" at the very same restaurants you support.


Girl Dining



"Through Phfeast our loyal customers help us to serve delicious falafel to all members of the community."

Matt D'Alessio, owner of the Amsterdam Falafelshop in Davis Square.

Amsterdam Falafelshop

"Giving back to the community is something that’s been very important to us. We feel like it’s a responsibility, and Phfeast is something easy we can do to help people eat."

Ian So, co-owner of The Chicken & Rice Guys food trucks.

The Chicken & Rice Guys

Here's How It Works. Yes, We Give Away Meals To Those Who Need Them.

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